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Honesty Be honest with those who are honest with you and never betray those who betray you.  The word “Honest” is related to “tranquility”, which leads to “security.” There are three words that have a kind of correlation, namely: security, honesty and faith. The common sense among them is tranquility. …

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Lot, the Prophet

His Identification: He is one of the prophets and messengers of Allah mentioned in the Quran. Lot was the nephew of Abraham, with whom he came out of the land of Babylon, immigrating to Allah. He believed in the message of his uncle and followed him in his true religion. …

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David: the Prophet King

Caliph of Allah on earth, gathered royalty and the prophecy; it was granted him the grant of wisdom and the art to judge well. With him, the birds and the mountains took the intonations of Zebour. Iron was made malleable for him; he makes with it ample hauberks with much …

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Its meaning: The word “sincerity” in language demonstrates the strength in things, words or deeds; that is to refer to a “solid” thing by calling it “sincere”, as with a sincere shaft which infects its target with no error or mistake. Based on that, a sincere speech indicates its strength …

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He is Ishmael, son of Abraham, true to his promise, the Prophet, the messenger, the instructor to prayer and almsgiving, to his Lord pleasing, the ransomed with a great sacrifice, the raiser of the foundations of the House with his father, the grandfather of the last prophet and the father …

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Call to Islam (Daawa)

The first human family (Adam and Eve) left the paradise of abundance and beautiful life, where hunger, nakedness or thirst did not exist, when the devil (Satan) caused them to slip with his lure and temptation till they ate from the forbidden tree. So, the mother family landed at the …

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Man and building earth

Islam gives a special importance to building earth and set civilization on.  So Islam takes care of the universe. Founder texts are full of such purpose. Then, infallible saved text tells us that God created this marvelous universe, and also prepared on the planet optimal conditions for happy and stable …

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Values and morals

Introduction: Values ​​is from value, which means price of thing, but which is also a symbol of integrity, moderation, stability, continuity and sustainability. So value refers to the rules and qualities of high-end positive underlying human life, which  gives capablity to distinguish between right and wrong, good and evil, ugliness …

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