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The political system in Islam

The texts and teachings of Islam have represented  a compendium of the true religion of Allah, the last speech to humans, the  comprehensive and universal, response to the different needs and longings of human , whose the most important and most pressing is his need for religion. By religion human …

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The Islamic Social System

Humans are civilian and social beings by nature. They neither stop the quest for integration into communities of their own people nor feel satisfied with living away. Because such coexistence needs rules and regulations to organize it, different social systems grew with time in every society to organize the affairs …

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Definition of Islam

Islam means submission and obedience.  Because of the essence of the religion is the submission and obedience to the instructions and orders of Allah, therefore the religion of Allah the alone is called Islam. The word of Islam contains in its meaning the free choice. For that it is necessary …

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30 facts about islam

Summary: Islam shares the same Abrahamic heritage as Judaism and Christianity and, therefore, espouses many similar beliefs and practices. Among them are belief in angels, prophets and scriptures and practices such as prayer, fasting and charity. Adherents are called “Muslims” and number over 1.5 billion. They pray to Allah, the …

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