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Section of children

Prophet Jesus

“He is the spirit of Allah and His word. His mother got pregnant of and bore him without a father. He talked to people in the cradle, brought the dead back to life, healed the blind and the leper and was sent to the Sons of Israel. He was the …

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Prophet Mohamed

“He is the last of messengers and prophets and the fifth of those of determination among the messengers. His message is Islam and Iman (having faith in Allah.) His way is justice and charity. His call is for human liberation. His people are every human and jinni. His miracle is …

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The prophet Saleh

Messenger to his people Thamoud the companions of the Hijr, he preached and warned them, but they rejected him and challenged him by a miracle believe him, God camel went out to them from deaf rock; They kill it and were about to kill the prophet, torment seized them and …

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Moses interlocutor of Allah

“He is the greatest prophet of all time of Israelis. His mother threw him into the sea, where a Pharaoh found him and leased her to breastfeed him. He worked as a shepherd of sheep to pay dowry for the daughter of Sheikh of Median. Allah spoke to him, sent …

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Prophet Hud

Prophet Hud: He is the first messenger after Noah’s Flood. He called his people, ‘Aad to Allah. They were in the desert of Al-Ahqaf was pardoned and worshiped idols in the “Iram.” He reminded them of Allah’s blessing and warned them of His punishment and torment, but they denied their messenger. …

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Ibrahim: father of prophets

Second in the strong determination prophets list, the closest to God, leader chosen for humans to follow, father of Muslims and the followed leader, builder of Kaaba (Holy house) His name and lineage: His name in the Koran is Ibrahim and Abraham in the Torah, the word means the high …

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