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Quranic Dialogue


Pharaohs: Based on this, contemporary writers and authors continue to give the plural form of title of Pharaoh (Pharaohs) to all rulers of ancient Egypt, similar to what ancients used to do, such as giving the plural form of title of Caesar (Caesars) to all rulers of the ancient Roman …

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Definition: Haman is one of strong influential historical figures in the court of Pharaoh in ancient Egypt. He was the most prominent minister and man among the elite, the closest to Pharaoh, the most powerful in his council and the most influential in the entire state. He, along with Pharaoh …

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His identification: He is Qarun (Korah,) son of Yassehur (Izhar,) son of Qahith (Kohath), a cousin of Moses and Aaron. It was said also that he was their uncle, but most narrators said that he was their cousin. He was one of people of Moses (Sons of Israel.) When Allah …

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Definition: there is no problem or problematic in the word “dialogue” neither in its meaning or concept. Everyone understands the aim of the simplest definitions in dealing with. It is a ” speech and mental activity, where parties,  two or more give their arguments and proofs that support the  different …

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