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Messengers and prophets

Lot, the Prophet

His Identification: He is one of the prophets and messengers of Allah mentioned in the Quran. Lot was the nephew of Abraham, with whom he came out of the land of Babylon, immigrating to Allah. He believed in the message of his uncle and followed him in his true religion. …

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David: the Prophet King

Caliph of Allah on earth, gathered royalty and the prophecy; it was granted him the grant of wisdom and the art to judge well. With him, the birds and the mountains took the intonations of Zebour. Iron was made malleable for him; he makes with it ample hauberks with much …

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He is Ishmael, son of Abraham, true to his promise, the Prophet, the messenger, the instructor to prayer and almsgiving, to his Lord pleasing, the ransomed with a great sacrifice, the raiser of the foundations of the House with his father, the grandfather of the last prophet and the father …

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Idrees, the Prophet

Idrees was a man of truth and a prophet and Allah raised him to a high station. After Adam, he was the first prophet mentioned in the Quran. He lived some of his life during the last period of lifetime of Adam. It was told that he was first to …

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Prophet Saleh

He is a prophet and messenger sent to his people Thamoud, called also “fellow of  stone houses”. He ordered them to worship Allah alone and to banish idols. He preached them and warned them, but they denied and accused him of lying and challenged him to give them a miracle …

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Prophet Hood

The tribe Aad was the most important human populations , after the flood. He lived in the desert called Ahqaf , and established the city called ” Iram which has the Pillars ” that is unmatched in the earth. But such tribe preferred disbelief and arrogance and denied largess that …

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Moses: To whom God spoke

Out of fear, his mother cast him in the sea, and the family of Pharaoh picked him up from between trees and water, and he grew up amongst them in conservation and preservation while Pharaoh was executing every male born from his people. Moses herded cattle for eight years . …

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Jesus, Son of Mary

He is the spirit which created by God, and His Word; the angels heralded his Virgin mother of him; she get Pregnancy, and bear him without a father. He spoke to people in the cradle, and by Allâh’s Leave, he brought the dead to life, healed him who was born …

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Noah: The Youngest Adam

The first God’s messenger to mankind: He was sent to his people, who worshiped idols, to invite them to worship God alone, and warn them the danger of God’s anger and punishment. He stayed inviting nine hundred and fifty( 950 ) years, after that, God exterminated rejecting people by the …

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