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Zaid bin Haritha

His identification: He is the beloved of the last Prophet, Mohamed and the father of Osama bin Zaid. His father is Haritha bin Shoraheel bin Abdul’Uzza, Al-Kalbi, Al-Qodaii, and his mother is Soda bint Thaalaba bin Yaroub, Al-Qahtaniyah. At s the age of eight, Zaid was kidnapped from the hands …

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People of Pharaoh’s Believer

Who is he?: More likely, he is a cousin of Pharaoh. He was the first who believes Moses, then he concealed his faith temporarily; Allah the Almighty has praised his faith in Manifest Signs of Sûrat Gâfir; when he stood in the public to defend Moses, after Pharaoh suggested to …

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Luqman the wise

Someone told to Lukman the wise, who was ugly , with black skin , short stature , cracked lips and legs, you are so ugly ! He answered, by saying are you criticizing the creation or the Creator? God gave him wisdom, inspired him thanksgiving, and the beautiful behavior and …

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Definition: The Holy Quran told us that Dhul-Qarnayn was a good king, who believed in Allah and the Day of Judgment. So, Allah established him upon the earth, enforced his sovereign, facilitated conquests for him and gave him a way to everything. He traveled with his victorious army all over …

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Khadijetou Bint Khouaylid

“No, I swear that Allah not gave me better than her, she believed in me when the other people disbelieves, she helped me by her money when other people debarred me, and Allah has blessed me with her children without the other women”. Introducing: She is Khadija daughter of Khuwaylid …

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His biography and his lineage: Uzair, as Quran called him and Ezra as referred to in Hebrew, is the son of Jaruh or the son of Surik. He is a descendant of Aaron Bin Omran, brother of Moses, peace be upon them, and his partner and minister in the prophecy. …

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The Good Servant: Al-Khadhar

Al-Khadhar: Quran does not talk about Al-Khadhar by his name; rather it speaks about one of Allah’s servants, to whom He gave mercy from Him and whom He taught from Him certain knowledge. Then He made a test out of him and science He gave him to His Prophet and …

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