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Islamic culture

Man and building earth

Islam gives a special importance to building earth and set civilization on.  So Islam takes care of the universe. Founder texts are full of such purpose. Then, infallible saved text tells us that God created this marvelous universe, and also prepared on the planet optimal conditions for happy and stable …

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The political system in Islam

The texts and teachings of Islam have represented  a compendium of the true religion of Allah, the last speech to humans, the  comprehensive and universal, response to the different needs and longings of human , whose the most important and most pressing is his need for religion. By religion human …

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The moral system in Islam

Morality is the character, the temper, the merits, and the other meanings and qualities stable in the mind. They constitute gauges and scales on the light of which and with its criteria the act is approved or disapproved, and accordingly the person makes it or abstains to do it. It …

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The Islamic Social System

Humans are civilian and social beings by nature. They neither stop the quest for integration into communities of their own people nor feel satisfied with living away. Because such coexistence needs rules and regulations to organize it, different social systems grew with time in every society to organize the affairs …

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