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Ethics in Islam


Honesty Be honest with those who are honest with you and never betray those who betray you.  The word “Honest” is related to “tranquility”, which leads to “security.” There are three words that have a kind of correlation, namely: security, honesty and faith. The common sense among them is tranquility. …

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Its meaning: The word “sincerity” in language demonstrates the strength in things, words or deeds; that is to refer to a “solid” thing by calling it “sincere”, as with a sincere shaft which infects its target with no error or mistake. Based on that, a sincere speech indicates its strength …

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Values and morals

Introduction: Values ​​is from value, which means price of thing, but which is also a symbol of integrity, moderation, stability, continuity and sustainability. So value refers to the rules and qualities of high-end positive underlying human life, which  gives capablity to distinguish between right and wrong, good and evil, ugliness …

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The moral system in Islam

Morality is the character, the temper, the merits, and the other meanings and qualities stable in the mind. They constitute gauges and scales on the light of which and with its criteria the act is approved or disapproved, and accordingly the person makes it or abstains to do it. It …

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Justice: the top of values

The heavens and the earth were founded by Justice, for that God sent messengers with clear proofs, and sent down with them the Book and the balance. Justice: is a concept that refers to the integrity and moderation, and putting things in their relevant contexts, in place and times and …

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  Definition: charity is the act of doing something in a perfect manner, making it beautiful and gorgeous. As The Almighty Allah well made everything in his creation, He ordered humans to well do all of their actions and/or sayings, that is to get to the perfection in its performance: …

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