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Lot, the Prophet


His Identification: He is one of the prophets and messengers of Allah mentioned in the Quran. Lot was the nephew of Abraham, with whom he came out of the land of Babylon, immigrating to Allah. He believed in the message of his uncle and followed him in his true religion. The villages of Sodom and Gomorrah, in the plain of Jordan, were his home and resorts and he married a woman from them. He used to order people what is good and forbids them what is indecency and evil. When people of these villages committed what was never preceded by any of the worlds before them, such as approaching males instead of wives, Allah sent Lot to them, to warn them of sins and ugly acts. But, they denied him, threatened him with stoning and eviction and disgraced him and his family by their purity. When their bad deeds made the argument against them, Allah seized them with a seizure of one Exalted in Might and Perfect in Ability, flattening the ground and raining upon them stones of layered hard clay; after saving Lot and his family, except his wife.

In the Quran: The Prophet Lot was mentioned twenty seven (27) times, in fourteen chapters (surat) of the Quran, stating clearly that he was a prophet and a messenger of Allah. The Quran listed detailed passages of his story with his people as well as his intimate relation with Abraham, presenting scenes of his features and feature of his rejecting people, who flouted all human values and noble morals. Also, the Quran showed how he argued and called them to the true religion, clarified his position about evils they committed, which have never been preceded by any of the worlds before them and highlighted the news of the guests of Abraham, who was concerned about the fate of his nephew. Moreover, the Quran reviewed facts and events in the field, in order to seed faith of Allah and establish His Oneness in qualities and actions in souls. In addition to that, it stated the ongoing way of Allah in punishing oppressors and the inevitable destinies for each team, be it good or evil. All of that refers to the remaining evident sign of the event and its consequences, as an admonition and a reminder for those who believe.

In the Torah: Though the story of Lot with his people is detailed in the various holy books of the three religions: Islam, Christianity and Judaism, the heritage of people of the book does not consider Lot a prophet and a messenger; rather it considers him a righteous man, who had his mistakes like any other human being. He was mentioned only in the Book of Genesis, being used as a simple example later. Clerks of the Old Testament have raised a lot of suspicions about the figure of the Prophet Lot and accused him of committing a lot of sins. They interpreted his offer of his daughters for those who demanded his guests as a proposal to commit adultery. Furthermore, they charged him in his relationship with his daughters!

His people: The Prophet Lot lived with the residents of the village of Sodom and Gomorrah, which was located in the plain of Jordan at the area of the Dead Sea, married a woman from them, got daughters and used their meadows as pastures for his cattle. He was a good believer of the religion of his uncle, Abraham. So, he used to teach people the good, exhort them to do it, forbid them of indecency and evil and warn them of the consequences of sins. But, his people persisted in their transgression and turned into cutting the road, scaring people and looting convoys. Then, in a progress of their falsehood, they committed what has never been preceded by any of the worlds before them; becoming the first in history to popularize the obscene of men having sex with men instead of women. Allah informed Lot and sent him as a prophet to those criminal people to take them back to the right path and common sense.

His call: People of Lot practiced a sort of homosexuality humans have never known before them, which was known in history by names like Sodomy and pederasty and which modern ignorance disguisedly called homosexuality. After reminding his people of Allah and awakening monotheistic faith in their souls and the appointment of reward and punishment, Prophet Lot had to call them to return to common sense, to enjoy spouses their Lord created for them, to quit exercising those evils and to refrain tyranny. He warned them of painful extreme assault of Allah to villages that were unjust to themselves, denied favors of Allah, left the good things and exaggerate in all evils. But, like previous ones, they were arrogant and persisted in their transgression and denial of the prophecy of Lot, calling to expel Lot and his family from their village, because they are people who keep themselves pure. Thus, the word has come into effect upon them and they deserved abhorred and anger of Allah.

Guests of Abraham: Abraham, who was full of concern for his nephew, Lot in Sodom, hosted men he did not know; but he showed them hospitality, bringing to them a fat roasted calf. However, the visitors did not reach out to the table, which caused Abraham to apparently fear them. After calming his fear, they gave him and his wife good tidings of their son, Isaac and of Jacob, later. Then, they told him that they were on their way to the people of Lot to send down upon them a punishment from the sky because they were defiantly disobeying. Despite the importance of the good tidings he and his wife received, it did not prevent the father of prophets from reminding the angels that Lot was in the hated village, where he received from them the second good tidings of saving Lot and his family, except for his wife.

At Lot’s house: People of Lot continued in their annoyance of Allah’s prophet and ignorance of his sermons and vows, leaving no door in front of Lot but going to Allah and asking him for victory and help, which Allah granted to him. Soon later, he welcomed in his house the angels, who were the guests of Abraham. Since they were in the form of men and because the malice and filth he knew about his people, Lot was distressed for their coming, thinking that his day would be hard. Then, almost exchanging greeting with his guests and speaking with them, Lot saw men of his people hastening to his house. After receiving them, and with all kindness and humility, Lot asked them not to disgrace him concerning his guests, offering that he was ready to marry legally his daughters to any willing man from them. But, they insisted on access to the guests and surrounded the house of the Prophet, who suffered of his inability to resist those rabid dogs alone. It was then when the angels interfered to end his fears and obsessions, clarifying to the Prophet their identity and their mission.

Deliverance plan: The last warning bell rang and the countdown to destroy the sinful criminals with terrible punishment began, which was the reason behind coming of the angels, who were hosted by Lot, after Abraham. Yet, survival of Lot and his family was also a part of the angels’ mission, which required a strict plan that Lot had to implement literally. The plan required that the Prophet, Lot came out with his family, in the direction set in advance, and that he should be the last of his family to come out, following their backs. Other parts of the plan were that none of them should look back, that Lot’s wife did not come out with the blessed family of the Prophet and that all of that should be during a portion of the night, before the dawn, which was set to be the due time to eliminate the unbelievers. So, it was.

Punishment: The last thing people of Lot, including his wife, knew about their prophet was when they came to his house in rush, after Allah’s messengers came to him in the form of men, demanding from him his guests and threatening him. Then, Allah obliterated their eyes, as a first dose of torment, allowing Lot and his family to exit easily and without resistance from the spoilers. In the morning, the spoilers were seized by the blast from the sky coupled by rain of tones of layered hard clay; then Allah made the highest part of the city its lowest. Consequently, Allah made that spot, located on the road to every going and coming people, a sign and a lesson of oppressors throughout the ages.

His wife: The Quran referred to her as the woman of Lot and did not give her any name. It was told that her name was Waliaa or Waliha. Allah has made an example out of her for those who disbelieved, along with Noah’s wife, indicating that they cheated the two righteous men who they were below. However, scientists have rejected to consider it a marital betrayal; rather they explained it by not believing in the message of Allah, as both women exchanged guidance for error and were thus condemned to Hell, along with wrongdoing folk. It is said that Lot’s wife was the one who informed her people about the angels who came to Lot’s house, so they rushed toward him.

His daughters: The Quran mentions Prophet Lot’s daughters when he was trying to defend his guests against his people, who sought to reach them. His daughters survived with him, as they were all his family, after the death of his wife. In the heritage transferred from people of the book, they talk about only two daughters of the Prophet Lot, giving their names as Retha, the elder and Zarta, the younger. That biblical heritage raised weak suspicions about Lot’s offer of his daughters for those who demanded his guests. These suspicions are weak, because Lot’s offer was only to instruct his people to purity and to natural marriage. Also, his daughters are only a model for all women of his village, who were deprived by the immorality of their people from their natural function as companions of men and mothers of generations, through purity and chastity; that is marriage between men and women.

A clear evidence: Verses of the Quran state clearly that Allah has certainly left out of the village of Lot a sign as clear evidence. In many of its verses, the Quran says that the village is on the route, notifying the rejecters that they pass by it in the morning and at night, but they do not remember! Since the spring of 2015, archaeologists have been occupied by the discovery of what they likely think to be the remains of the village of Lot, which made by a fair punishment of Allah as if it never existed, three thousand and five hundred (3.500) years ago. An American archaeologist Mission, which continued on exploration for 10 years in the field of Jordan at Lake of Lot, rediscovered “the clear evidence,” which has been absent for so long, from the ruins of “Sodom,” which apparently indicate that life stopped suddenly, like all divine books agree on.

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