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Values and morals


Introduction: Values ​​is from value, which means price of thing, but which is also a symbol of integrity, moderation, stability, continuity and sustainability. So value refers to the rules and qualities of high-end positive underlying human life, which  gives capablity to distinguish between right and wrong, good and evil, ugliness and beauty, happiness and misery. These human values ​​ are sustainable and not subject to change, even the human reality, beliefs and circumstances of living changed. In fact, justice, right, freedom, truth and integrity remain values shared by humans everywhere, and in anytime,  despite fluctuation of human conditions. Consequently injustice, wrong, lying and treason cannot become same to justice, right, truth or integrity. Intellectuals have stopped for long times at the question of religion and values: “ did humans acquired values and ideals from religion or humans have had that before from themselves?”

Therefore, history of religion is history of human being also.

So feelings and ideas inspired by the heart full of faith and piety, in every age, are the same that motivated the first man since religion identified for man the finality of his existence that gives it meaning and value, and stimulating his mind of contemplation, reflection and consideration, and incited his energy and its capacity to achieve his goals, for right now and for later.

Surates and verses of the Koran are full of such realities as they are full of the commands, directives and prohibitions, as signs and orientations, that confirm, simplify and explains common human values, and supplemented with more details and reasoning, making the Koran, rightly, a global encyclopedia of values.

Why not, while prophet of Islam was only sent to complete and to perfect noble morals? And also to confirm sharing  ideals and human values?

If the human civilization has risen today by reaching progress, abundance and knowledge, as anyone could imagine or  as never come to his mind. Such progress facilitated the lives of hundreds of millions and enriched many aspects of people’s lives through the world. But  humanity become more unjust and with less observance for ideals and values, so we can say that human crisis today is a crisis of lack of ideals and values. Such question becomes the main concern for Research on religion, philosophy and ethics.

In this section: section of the values and ideals, we will deal, successively, with the values of justice, truth, freedom, honesty, truthfulness, and other values that characterize humanity of mankind  and which illustrate the difference between him and the animals.

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