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Prophet Saleh


He is a prophet and messenger sent to his people Thamoud, called also “fellow of  stone houses”. He ordered them to worship Allah alone and to banish idols. He preached them and warned them, but they denied and accused him of lying and challenged him to give them a miracle for believe him. Then God creates from deaf rock a fantastic camel with its baby, as a miracle, but they refuse the order of Allah and killed the camel and conspired to kill Prophet Saleh, then the  torment exterminated them, and Saleh survived with believers.

His name and his lineage: He is Saleh son of Obaid son of Masseh son of Obaid son of Hadr son of Thamoud, son of Aather, son of  Iram, son of  Sam, son of  Noah. Others said he is Saleh son of Jaber son of Thamoud son of Amer son of Iram son of Sam son of Noah. According the first version, he is from tenth generation after Noah, peace be upon him, but according the second he should be the seventh generation. Some sources estimated that his era should be about twenty one years before Christ Jesus.

His people: God Sent his messenger Saleh to his people Thamoud , who were a famous Arab Semitic tribe that carried the name of their grandfather Thamoud son ofAather son Iram son of Sam son of Noah.They  lived in the Valley of the stone , between the Hijaz and the Levant , their tracks and homes remain still visible there until today , which is now famous tourist destination in the northern  of Saudi Arabia , known as the ” MadainSaleh”.

Their Home : God gave to Thamoud tribe, as home, a ground rocky in the northern of Hijaz , called the stone “Hijr”,where they set up a unique city among all the cities, that included luxury palaces in the plains , and houses carved, in the mountain . God has bestowed upon Thamoud many of His blessings, they walked between their gardens, and palms and grapes and fruits, horses and cattle. They turned around all that. But they were idolaters, associating partners with God.They were  fascinated by blessings and wealth and facility of life given to them by God.  They were not thankful as they must be.

His mission: God chosen Saleh as a messenger to his people. Saleh was from honorable family and has right mind and was most tolerant. He called them to worship God alone, and exhorted them to unify worship  for God only, telling them that the idols do not have hurt nor benefit and can’t defend them against anything from God .He mentioned them that occurred for  Hood people before, who were exterminated by torment and God gives Thamoud their succession, allowing them to build palaces in the ground and carved houses. He warned them about the consequences of injustice and corruption in the earth.

Position of His people: people of Thamoud denied Saleh message, accusing the Messenger of Allah of lying. They laughed from him and his call to them to banish idols and statues, that they and their  parents worshipped. They manifested their doubts and suspicion about his call. Saleh argued that if has a good guidance from his Lord, and he  fears his Lord who is inevitable for everyone, except by returning to Him. Then Thamoud used all kinds of harm and threat, in facing their prophet call to faith in God and in his message. They accused him of being a charming  and liar, telling that he  was charmed or has lost his will and mind , arguing that human cannot be messenger to humans, just as people sof Noah and Hood before them told to their messengers. But Saleh still calling them with detrmination.

The Challenge: Saleh continued inviting his people to the faith , despite their refusal and the arrogance  of their leaders, but some vulnerable people took the initiative to believe him early, in the opposite of the leaders who was fearing to lose their advantages and benefits, in seeing the followers of Saleh becoming more and more. After that they decided to ask him what they see as impossible, for showing people his inability to satisfy their demand, hopping that the followers will then renounce to their faith in Saleh call.As Saleh people were owners of animals, they asked him to make them, from a great rock around them, a milch camel with its baby, according special descriptions that they give, promising to believe him and his message if he can give them that they asked, as the camel would be a sign of sincerity and truth.

The Miracle: Prophet Saleh accepted the challenge of his people, taking on covenants, publicly, if  he bring the miracle, they will believe him.  Thus Prophet Saleh called his Lord to give him answer to the request of his people, that show them his sincerity.  Then God accepted his supplication, and ordered to the great rock to crack and then a great camel went out, with its baby, with all the qualities that they had requested. Therefore people well guided by God believed him and followed him, while others continued in their disbelieve and aberration.

Camel of God: did anyone never heard that a mountain, in one days, can give birth to a cat, for example, or other animal less important ? No! Never happened , and Thamoud, people of Saleh, are the best one who knows that, they have cut the stone in the valley, making and sculpting houses and palaces with.However, God supports all messenger by a miracle of the genus what his people excelled in, therefore  God supported Saleh by the miracle of a camel that God attributed to Himself as well honour ( calling it camel of Allah) to raise its status, which emerged,with her ​​baby, from a solid rock , to support His Prophet by an evidence indicating the sincerity of his prophecy and truth of his call , that everyone after  should be perished or saved, in having clear and right path.

Stratagem of the leadership:  ​​: Addressing to his people about the camel miracle, Saleh told them that they have to let the camel graze at will, and no  touch  it in any manner and they must share water with it, one day for them and one day for the camel only, then everyone must avoid to go to water in this day, but it will not come to water in the following day, in the other hand. Meanwhile the camel gives all the people enough of pure and palatable milk to drink. But  rancor and hatred taken hearts of Thamoud leaders.  They were a group of nine persons, who were leaders of the people, so they started to plot for eliminating the prophet and his call and the camel miracle, which has threatened their interest and status.  So they decided to  assassinate Saleh and his family, in the night and to defendthemselves by lying and false speech. They planned by fixing place and time for such crime.

Killing the camelThe most wretched of Thamoud people, with incitation of  perversion group and  some bad elderly women ,taken his arm and killed the camel by stabbing it, then it falls died, while its baby fled toward the Rock from which it and its mother were coming. It entered in and disappears after from sight.

The Stun of torment: when Prophet Saleh knows the crime of his people, by killing the camel,  he came out angry, reminding them his warning  before that they must avoid to touch the  camel. But they derided and asked him to seize them by torment that he promise, if they touch camel. Then Saleh gave them a period of three days, after it they will be exterminated by torment. He let them mocking and went away quickly, with the believers. At the dawn of the fourth day, the heaven exploded by one shout, passed over the mountains and every living thing perished in one moment. They were perished all…. Thamoud were  too bad.

His Status: He is one of  messenger that  God sent to human groupings erectedafter the flood , to invite them t to the religion of truth and guidance, to banish aberration and misguidance. He was second messenger sent after Noah. The holy Qur’an praised him frequently whose a surate called “ stone surate” (Themoud houses).  The quran cited his full story, sometime detailing and sometime briefing, in about twenty surates, which are: Alarav- Hood- hijr- Shoara- Voussilet- Al isra- Naml- Aldhariat- Alhakka- Alfajr- Alshams Al tawba – Ibrahim, Ahadj- Alvourkan- Ankabout- Ghavr- Kaf- Alndjem- Albourouj.

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