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Man and building earth


Islam gives a special importance to building earth and set civilization on.  So Islam takes care of the universe. Founder texts are full of such purpose. Then, infallible saved text tells us that God created this marvelous universe, and also prepared on the planet optimal conditions for happy and stable life, and then created the man from the land, and ordered his angels to prostrate for him, and inspired him from His knowledge, then God makes the man a successor for Him on the earth to worship God alone, with no partner, and assume the reconstruction of land in a manner that pleases God, and serve the human and the universe around him.
The construction or building of earth mean to continue to assume the main task that human being has to carry in assuming succession on earth, for building it and extract its bounties through his efforts and labor, in order to allow future generations to enjoy that, and so on, until the end of the world. God decided to give succession to human being, and charging him to build earth in setting urbanism there and providing required conditions for human happiness, including religion beside the good living so provided, so it will create a special and dialectical relationship between human beings and earth, in context of religion, in a manner to rise human beings and improve his situation.

The holy Koran, in speaking about earth and human, and the responsibility of construction entrusted to him, where, he has accompanied that with large and strong campaign against corruption and corrupters. The worst corruption act on earth is the bloodshed, and attacks on people and on their property and honor, and the destruction of life resources, or destroying  the equilibrium of life.

Koran statement was repeatedly explicit and to be heard loudly, that God dislikes corruption and corrupters. Criminal punishments illustrate this reality, where Islam singled out those who corrupt or spread corruption on the earth by the strongest punishments to dishonor and to humiliate them in this life, in instituting against them killing and cutting and banishing, and they are threatened by painful punishment in the Hereafter.

Following the construction of earth and the literature on, inspired by Islamic texts, we will find great human dimension there, in dealing with the multidimensional question of earth construction, by treating each aspect in and talking about every level, starting with the man himself   , as the most important of creatures on the land and the most influential on the environment surrounding him.  For that Islam gives lot of interest to purifying man’s soul and developing his faith, to promote and to educate himself to sublimation and good morality that should constitute background for goodness and sacrifice, as a moral building for soul that constitute a solid moral upon which the construction of the land and the establishment of glorious human civilization.

Therefore, with such solid foundation, the texts of the Quran and Sunnah, launched, initiated and encouraged to produce means of participation in the effort to build the land and to generate prosperity on, for serving mankind, by adopting relevant approach, achieving psychological and spiritual stability of the universe and its inhabitants, and all the components of life.Such texts recommend to use all energy and effort, even under the most difficult circumstances. The prophet of Islam illustrated that in telling: if the end of the world occurs while one of you carries a seedlings, he must try to implant it.The texts are talking about great prizes promised to everyone who  plant a tree that feed a bird or a human or beast.

Islam does not be content with this unprecedented level of induction and incitement to work for building the land, for that Islam emphasizes that the real value of person is in his good work. So Islam  declare a war against laziness, dependence on others and negativism, and refuse the withdrawal from life for only ritual worship, without work or earn, and refuses monastic invented by some followers of religions, but reward for quest, and search for every good things on the earth including sustenance and livelihood, conformably with Halal (the legal way). Reward of fighter for God path is a part of that.

When Islam call for the construction of the earth, and exhorts to work for the happiness of its people, it does not go away with utopia, ideas and feelings, from God path, and the afterlife, but he teaches to his followers that the religion chosen by God to the world, which is only that  God accept, is not separated with the life, but it is in the center of life, telling that satisfaction of God is also to work to serve the human, and earn living by laboriousness and toil, following right way that.

Muslim eats in God’s name, marry the in the name of God, learn in the name of God, and gives others in the name of God.This life does not turn him off from the Hereafter.He knows that no gaining in the Hereafter without good working in this life, they are linked, because this life is a bridge to the Hereafter, and the farm for anyone who want to save himself, and has good worked for that.If the finality of urbanism, and religion also, is to worship God, and building land; the common purpose of such goal is also to achieve happiness and well-being of humans, both in this life, like feeding, clothing, housing, and means to move or others necessities of life, but also in Hereafter, like their acceptance and forgiveness, mercy, and great win, the Paradise.There is an overall concept of happiness, which has various dimensions that organize this life and the Hereafter also.According to the Sunna, for example, the virtue women, large house, and good neighbor, comfortable mount constitute  main mean of happiness, but the bad neighbor, and so bad women, and, narrow housing are causes of misery.

Building the earth according to Islam way, which combining material and moral purpose, should only be fruit of the commitment to the laws of God, because, by  this approach, such building is necessarily a manner of worshipping God , and an impact of its consequences. Therefore Koran cites explicitly that if people of the villages believe and conform themselves to God order, blessings will be opened for them, from heaven and earth, and they will have abundance, from above them and from beneath their feet, because naturally, goodness, righteous and reformers, bring good building earth and goodness and justice and fairness, just as corruption and corrupters, bring corruption to the earth and sea, including that their hands earned.

So Islam offers wonderful illustration of the building land, in light of the culture of the Oneness of God and the replacement of human, within the framework of the Supreme Islamic legitimacy of Justice derived from the unification itself, as the Creator wished, when he created the universe and submitted it to man, determining the way for the construction of the land within the framework of the provisions whose some relating to the initial and core issues, which are characterize by consistency, and not changing. There are also provisions relating to others purposes and needs less important, like renewable subject that can change according to time and place. As Islam refuse Monasticism, there is no denial of the legal pleasures and welfare, but it must be gained by effort and work, which contribute to achieve the construction on earth and generate goodness for universe.

Religion is a call for compassion, affection, and moderation. It calls for worship and work for building earth to provide to human good living, with tranquility and happiness.  When the light of faith illuminates  the heart of human, the morals and behaviors become so purified by itself control. Any other approach can be more equilibrated between matter and spirit, and between religion and the life.

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