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Khadijetou Bint Khouaylid


“No, I swear that Allah not gave me better than her, she believed in me when the other people disbelieves, she helped me by her money when other people debarred me, and Allah has blessed me with her children without the other women”.

Introducing: She is Khadija daughter of Khuwaylid Ibn Asad Ibn Abdul Uzza Ibn Qusai Ibn Kilab, Qurashiyyah. She met the Prophet Muhammad in Qusay his fifth grandfather, and her fourth grandfather. She was born in Mecca, 68 years before the migration, namely 556 AD; that was in a glory and principality house; she grew up on morals and good characteristics, was known by chastity, mind, firmness and generosity, so her people in pre-Islamic times called her the immaculate.

Her marriage: Khadija Bint Khuwaylid married, when she was a little girl, to a man from Bani Makhzoom named Atiq Ibn Aa’idh, gave birth with him to Abdul ‘Uzza and Hind, then he died, after him she married a man from Tamim named Abu Hala Hind bin Zoraarah, and gave birth with him to Hindu, Taher and Hala, then he died when she was at the age of twenty-five years, she had a lot of property and marketable merchandise;

Her trade: Khadija was renting men as sleeping partnership; they lead her caravans to Sham and Yemen, and come back with bumper profit. One day which will have its afterwards, Khadija was informed about the young man Mohammed Ibn Abdullah Ibn Abdul Muttalib, she asked for more information about him, his morals, his honesty and his merits, she sent to him, and offered him to come out in her trade with her servant Mayssara toward Sham, he accepted, Khadija’s trading returned with ample profit.

Muhammad’s marriage: Mayssara presented to his noblewoman a detailed report on Muhammad’s truthfulness, honesty and good morality; he also informed her by what he saw with him of the paranormal and things breathtaking, about the monk, who camped close to him, and told him about his prophethood, shadow that was protecting him from the sun when he rid his camel at midday; the chaste woman, firm and intelligent did not waste time, immediately she sent her friend to Muhammad, carrying her desire to him because of his relatives and his honor among his people, his honesty, good morality and sincerity of his speech, Mohammed told the issue to his uncle and foster Abi Talib, he felt happy to him; the news arrived to Khadija’s uncle Amr Ibn Assad, the blessed marriage was held between Muhammad twenty-fifth years old and Khadija forty years old, he gave her twelve as a dowry; she was the first woman to marry her, the most adorable from his wives to him, and he did not marry until she died, she gave birth to his boys and girls.

Engagement: Abu Taleb was the first speaker at the Mohammed and Khadija marriage ceremony, he said: “Praise be to Allah, who made us progeny of Abraham, sowing of Isamael, sons of Maad, and origin of Moudar. He made us his Kaaba’s keepers, and managers of his sacred, and gave us withheld Kaaba and safe sacred, and nominates us the governors among people. Thus my nephew, Mohammad Ibn Abdullah is not like any man, even if he doesn’t have much money, money is a fleeting shadow, something vanishing, Muhammad is the one you known his relatives, he fiances Khadija Bint Khuwaylid, he gave her as dowry twelve ounces of gold sooner and later, I swear Allah that he will has Tremendous Tidings and great importance”

Her conversion to Islam: Khadija known before the Message, with a high level of spirit purity, soundness of innate character, benevolence of the people and the willingness to accept truth, when the beginning of sûrt ALAQ was sent down on Muhammad in the cave of Hira, he returned shivering, after the first meeting with the angle of Revelation Gabriel, the cuddling warm of his Immaculate Wife was waiting for him, which flooded him by her outpouring affection till he felt comfortable, he told her about his concerns, she said her known unforgettable saying through time: «No! I swear God will never humiliate you; you meet your kinship, tell the truth, carry the burdened, give helpless, entertain the guest and support for Misfortune of the right »; she was the first to believe by her both heart and tongue, taken from the nobility of the Morality of her husband, an argument on his sincerity, mark on the great grace of God to him and the great future that awaits him.

Ask of those who possess the Message: When she took the hand of the Prophet Muhammad, after the fear and anxiety which he faced in the cave moved away, she was seeking to ascertain for him, she led him to the door of her cousin Waraqata Ibn Nawfal, he was an old man, who had been upright in pre-Islamic times, then he converted to Christianity and he became familiar with Taurat and the Injeel, he was at that day the last one who had the knowledge of the Book, in Mecca; Khadija accomplished her coveted with Waraqata, and ascertained to the case of her husband, the one who submerge Muhammad and ask him to read it in the cave, is Jibril ambassador of Allah to the prophets, or the law, which was revealed to Moses according to Waraqata Ibn Nawfal. Allah has tempered on his Messenger by this; then he does not hear or see anything he hate from the rejecters, thus Allah drives away his worries by Khadija, steady him, alleviate on him, believe, facilitate the people affair on him.

Her resistance: The compassionate affectionate wife stood, next to her husband, the Prophet, helping him and strengthening his arm, supporting him to bear difficulties misfortunes, and giving her money generously to aid him. Among the most prominent precious positions, her precious position when Quraysh announced a civil war against Bani Hashim and Bani Muttalib, siege them in the Mountain pass of Abu Talib, they contracted boycott on them and recorded it in a book, and suspended it inside Alkaabah. The precious wife did not hesitate to go out with her husband to the besieged Mountain pass, she endured hardships and difficulties for the sake of pleasing Allah, then please her husband the prophet; she preferred poverty of life and roughness, next to her husband and the believers, to comfortable life and good grace among her people.

Her characteristics: Khadija was nicknamed in pre-Islamic times “pure” because of what is known of her chastity; a women who carries the pure title in ignorant society infested with immorality, where banners of prostitutes rises on brothels; she must have a great amount of chastity and purity; however her eloquent and wisdom are clearly seen in her speech which is considered as one of the most Arab wisdom speeches: «No! be cheerful I swear God will never humiliate you; you meet your kinship, tell the truth, carry the burdened, give helpless, entertain the guest and support for Misfortune of the right »; about her cleverness and prudence, she is one of the most perfect women; and the patience, there is no energy is premature to swallow what she faced from the reaction of the infidels on her husband Message, the Prophet, in the siege, before and after the siege.

Her children: All the children of the Prophet Mohammed, male and female, are from Khadija, except Ibrahim, who is son of Maria the Coptic, his oldest son was the al-Qasim, the son of Khadija, and he took his name as nickname, then Zainab, Abdullah, Umm Kulthum, Fatima, and Roqaya. Qasim had died, he was the first of his sons died in Mecca, then Abdullah, then all her sons from the Prophet died, when they are in the infancy, the polytheists said that Mohammed without posterity, Allah revealed that (Surely your enemy is the one who shall be without posterity). Her daughters from him are Roqaya, Zaynab and Umm Kulthum, they died in the life of their father, but Fatima died six months after him.

Mutual faithfulness: Human history did not mention, a woman fulfilled her husband’s rights, and do what she supposed to do, like Khadija, wife of Muhammad, she have given him money, effort, tenderness, love and honest advice, during the course of conveying the Message, till she died, Allah satisfied her; also the history did not mention a husband’s fidelity to his wife when she was alive and after her death, like faithfulness of Mohammed to Khadija, who did not marry another woman during her life, and he does not leave her memories, Aisha get angry because of that then she said: wasn’t she only an old woman Allah gave you better than her? The Prophet was strongly angry, and he said: No, I swear that Allah did not give me better than her, she believed in me when the other people disbelieve, verified me when the other People do not, she helped me by her money when other people debarred me, and Allah has blessed me with her children without the others; then he left her and kept one month.

Her virtues: Khadija, the mother of believers has a high status in Islam, she was chosen by Allah to provide support and help to the Messenger to deliver the last Message of the World Lord, as Allah choose Muhammad and selected him to perform the universal Message, facilitate from him a woman close or similar to him in moral characteristics, to be his partner in carrying the Message in the early years; therefore she is one the more perfect four women ever, who are in the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad: Khadija Bint Khuwaylid, Fatima Bint Mohammed, Mariam Ibnata Omran, and Asia the wife of Pharaoh. Gabriel announced her by the Prophet, a house in the paradise of the cane, with neither hustle nor difficulty.

Her death: Khadija Bint Khuwaylid died, after having set aside the book and lifting the siege, that was three years before the immigration, at that time she was sixty-five years old, she was buried in Alhoujoun in Mecca, her husband the Prophet who put her in the grave, at that time the prayer at funerals had not began. Fate wants her death to coincide with the death of Abi Talib, the Prophet’s uncle and foster and protector. The Prophet’s sorrow so deeply saddened, until the year was named the “Year of Grief.”

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