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Islam and the environment protection


Environment: The environment is the overall elements and things surrounding us, and affecting our presence and the presence of organisms that share life with us on the planet, which include water, air, minerals, and the climate itself and living objects. The environment is formed by an interlocking systems, with different degree of complexity, that determine the survival of the current image of the small world of earth, with its characteristics that provide and maintain life. So take care of this environmental and protect it from pollution constitute a commitment and religious obligations, especially the Islamic religion, which consider cleaning street from harmful thing as a party of the faith.

Environment types: the environment should be divided, regarding human role, into two types: first, the natural environment; which is everything that surrounds the human being from the elements or living things, or non-living, independent of human affect, like rocks, water resources, elements of climate, soil, plants, wildlife and marine animals. The second type is the civilization environment: it consists in all things or elements that humans added to environment, in his interaction or his exploitation of natural resources. Urbanism, roads for transport, communications, farms, and factories represent an example for that.

Man does not merely imitate nature, but he innovates and acquires knowledge, in learning that he didn’t known before.

Pollution: The contamination is leaking of contaminants things into networks and ecosystems, that causes damage to life and living things, causing also turmoil in the nature itself. The pollutants leaking into the ecosystem, may be unnatural matters, not from to the environment, as chemical, radiological, biological, industrial, and noise makers called noise pollutants. May be that is natural in origin; but has exceeded accepted levels, such as animal waste. Real Islam consider, participating in the production and leaking any polluting matter in the nature, as a major sin and it considers every action or activity to prevent pollution, as good work.

What is Pollution: environmental pollution is a quantitative or qualitative change; happening in the elements of the environment, that modify its characteristics and components, including what can affect humans, animals and plants, and even clothes and buildings. There is many forms or kinds of that , like air pollution, water pollution, food contamination, and visual pollution, and audio pollution. Pollution risks are not limited to a country, because the atmosphere and the sea currents can distribute their damage, causing damage to all beings, and working to destroy life, and change the natural systems, and making a subject of an increasing environmental risks that causes heavy losses, such as erosion and degradation of soil. The great problem of urban waste, and degradation of natural reserves, superficial water, air pollution, floods, hurricanes, desertification, storms

In Islam: Islam looks at the issue of the environment as part of the duty and divine order concerning human succession in the land to build it and doing reforms on , and to prevent corruption.The Islamic perception of the environment gives encompassing concept, that organize the Earth and everything in it from that includes the terrain, the depths of the uplands, forests, seas and rivers, and also the people and animals, cattle and all creatures, including various living thing and kinds, or volcanoes, minerals, and what fall down on or erupts above, like  meteors and meteorites, or effects or their causes, including the sun, moon, wind, rain, storms, hurricanes, and various natural phenomena and interactions.

Koranic Precession: before more than a thousand and four hundred (1,400) year, Islam was the first to draw the human attention to the means of decent life that God prepared for them in the universe, and in a safe environment, and renewed goodness that He gave to them with the succession of day and night. Islam, in dealing with environment and its protection, didn’t content  of drawing attention to that, but it has warned about the consequences of corrupting it, considering  the fight against environment pollution as a part of faith, and removing harmful things from the vital space, such as streets, as illustrating good faith.

The texts of the Koran denounced vigorously those who spread corruption in Earth after be reformed, assigning to human the responsibility of corruption that happens on land and sea, vowing corrupters urgent punishment, before that they are waiting for hereafter.

where can we refuge?:  All this is only a part of the Koran miracle, about what becomes now a global problem that deeply disturbs all, by its profound impact on the future of humanity, the life on Earth, and in general, on the whole world. Fourteen centuries past, after Koran revelation, was necessary that the environment, and its research become a troubling issue that concern all, after corruption has gained the land and sea and air, because of human action, where industrial wastes and carbonic, and radiological, and biological pollutants are encircling humans and threatening mankind existence, and all living beings, and the nature surrounding, which is invoking and looking for an escape from the planet, but how the life can escape the planet’s life.

Environment protection: this title is not only a luxury demagogic activity, practiced by political, social, actors, in some international intellectual contexts, but this is today an expression of flagrant and urgent human need. United Nations has sounded alarm, held for that global summits, and concluded on binding and non-binding international treaties The civic associations, political parties , national governments, regional and continental organizations, and global blocs and alliances has worked on, hopping that they can together persuade mankind, who is responsible for life, and its healthy environment on Earth, to stop race of producing pollutants and exposing the land to devastating effects that can lead to the extinction of life on Earth. To engage in this campaign, by any manner, is considered in Islam view as a good work, and by doing that we wait  reward in this life and in hereafter.

Starting point: the overall concept of environmental protection in Islam, is  based on  main elements which are closely linked to the fundaments of faith- and the essence of worship that God has created human for ( succession of God  and building earth ).Those principles and starting points consist in the unity of the universe, in terms of source and nature and interaction between the elements and components, and  harness of those components and elements by God to humans their environment, passing through the confirmed interdiction in the texts of revelation of corruption in the land and sea, to the order to remove harmful from the street. But commanders on the ship life today, are pushing it to the end, in their race towards the frenetic abundance and consumption and arming.
The gift to humanity: pollution have touched today everythings on the earth, that makes unsaved drinking water, air inhaling, and consuming that soil produces from its vegetation and crops. Pollution becomes now a cause of injury and many fatal diseases.  The world needs today a humanitarian gift to save the planet’s life, which consists in a campaign that brings all the humanity , without regarding its variations or differences , in order to consider commitment to that as a religious duty of the individual and the community, in trying to save the Earth , by :
– Deploying all effort , to reduce the pollution sources of industrial , radiological, biological wastes, which result from the great technological development achieved by the human , in recent decades. Pollution level is now causing a widening puncture, in the ozone layer that protects the planet Earth deadly cosmic radiation.

– Mobilizing individuals, families, organizations, institutions, States and Nations and peoples, everyone in his respective capacity, in order to do play his full role of spreading environmental awareness, and the preservation of the nature which provides life for us, and to give to the activities related to the environment its merited place in the world’s attention.

– Trying to save the rest of forest and vegetation cover on the surface of the globe, giving more attention to the cultivation and re-cultivation of the trees, as the best friends of the environment around us, and main source of oxygen, the natural safe cleaner for air, from  carbon dioxide, and essential mean to stop desertification and to restitute the cohesion of the soil.

– Removal of harming and dirt from homes and from streets and  oblige people, under sanction or  punishment, to place waste in tightly sealed containers, and transporting that safely to a protected dumps, far from housing, water sources, and farms, in order to avoid pollution and bad effects on human or animal health.
Waste recycling: to recycle waste through a large spools far from homes and residential areas, to prepare that to screening for recyclable waste, like plastic and similar, to recycle it again, and get new products from private factories, to use it,  without feeling that is a recycled matter.

– Reducing overgrazing, in which animals can damage the pasture, vegetation and agricultural land, when going through, and bring pollution to the parks and natural places of entertainment.

Religious factor: The religion has a pivotal role in protecting and improving the environment, and protecting people from diseases. So religion stipulates that cooperate to prevent evil, and bring the benefits and interests and maintain a clean and protect environment from all threaten or dangers, especially from contaminants in the land, sea and air, is religious duty. This is a universal and preponderant interest. Pollution threatens life ship that carries all. For this reason, to maintain a healthy environment, is decidedly a religious duty, like the religious awareness to protect it, and calling for the preservation of natural resources, from destruction, this is a common wealth of the human community and living being, in which every individual has the right of using, as much as he needs, without damaging the right of others, in quantity or in quality.

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