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Call to Islam (Daawa)

The first human family (Adam and Eve) left the paradise of abundance and beautiful life, where hunger, nakedness or thirst did not exist, when the devil (Satan) caused them to slip with his lure and temptation till they ate from the forbidden tree. So, the mother family landed at the home of adversity, settlement and provision of time, carrying in its holdall knowledge of The Almighty Allah, science of names and things, the first dose of religion, an avowal of enmity of the devil and a promise from Allah to show guidance to people once a long period passed, their hearts hardened and they deviated from the road.

Since then, and throughout its prolonged history, man lived varying levels in dealing with religion. So, he hesitates (with differences in times, places, tongues, colors, livelihoods, standards and cultures) between the cases of conversion and separation, push and pull, closeness and distance and response and aversion in his position towards the high ideals that landed with Adam and Eve and were renewed with succession of messengers of Allah and towards human values ​​which took them and their offspring away from savagery and brutality and honored them.

It is a special divine honoring the Creator singled Adam and his descendants with, preferring them over much of what He has created. The revelation from the Wise and Praiseworthy has confirmed the honoring of Allah to man on several levels, as his relations with the unseen world and dealing with the parts of testimony got organized, making this divine honoring:

  • A guiding revelation that renews pillars and foundations of faith, rebuilds rites, purifies worship for the sake of Allah, redesigns, with every prophecy and message, conditions of life and limits of Halal and Haram, according to the renewed changing reality.
  • Blessings, grants and gifts of the good things of life; warmth, benefits, rides, foods and shadows incline to the right and to the left; fruits to be picked hanging near, gardens of entwined growth and dulcet brooks; wives, sons and nephews; and shelters for the heat and the cold, garments, decoration, feathers and good provision.
  • Divine ways that are continuous in time, place and creation and neither have a switch or transfer nor show favor to anyone. Outside its requirements, human act does not produce any enabling, harnessing or facilitating. With it, all parts of life become easy and malleable in the hands of everyone.

That is a prominent feature in divine messages which had its place in the scriptures and books sent down to people and took time and effort – of words and deeds – from the call of the outstanding chosen among the apostles and prophets, to whom Allah assigned the task of re-farming the religion of Allah, its renovation, its clarifying and calling to it, once temptation of the devil, desires of the soul and passion, prolonged durations, succession of generations and changing of circumstances succeeded in shifting people from the right path to that of replacement, change, alteration, fabrication, debauchery and denial.

Between its guidance and aberrance, and from descendants of prophets, followers of apostles; nations, folks, races, tongues, colors and wherever corner it settles in of this docile planet, humanity was groping its way in the long runways and stages of human maturity. Meanwhile, apostles and messages were in succession to redirect the compass of guidance and to get people back to the right path, once the predominant way of Allah came into effect upon them, causing them to shift, alter and change, with passing of long periods and hardening of hearts. When humanity reached its maturity – mentally and culturally – and within every village there had passed a warner, the will and wisdom of Allah required to collect summary of messages of guidance in a single, inclusive, complete, general and finale message (Islam.) this message is included in a mighty, honorable, confirming and dominant book (Quran,) which was revealed to the essence of prophets and the last of apostles (Mohamed) and frequently transferred from him – in words and writing – while he was still among people, then the Almighty took care of saving it.

Since humanity no longer needs a new revelation, the revelation stopped after the last word of Allah was set down as a clarification of everything and an inclusive and complete methodology of guidance. If revelation stops, Apostles will stop, since there is no messenger without revelation. However, did the continuous way of Allah in susceptibility of people to alter and change when long periods passed and their hearts hardened, which was the reason of succession of messengers since Adam, peace be upon him, stop? No! It did not stop! Yet, the inclusive and complete methodology of guidance is preserved. But, passing it to others, matching it to the reality of people, clarifying its aims and objectives, calling to it with insight, wisdom and good instruction and arguing with others in the best way are task of those who recited Quran of working scholars and faithful advocates of the right. Truly, this is the miracle of concluding, preservation and immortality which marked the message of Islam among all messages.

But, the notification and downloaded to the reality of the people, and to clarify the aims and objectives, and an invitation to him for insight and wisdom and beautiful preaching, and argue with them is the best; That task Koran campaign workers, scientists, and advocates the right loyal; and that is the miracle of the seal, preservation and immortality, which marked the message of Islam all messages.

If Islam is the summary of the religion of Allah since Adam, if Quran confirms every book that came down before it and dominates them and if Mohamed, peace be upon him, is the last prophet and has been sent to all the people; Allah ordered him to clarify his way and function, which are way and function of whoever followed him, until the day of Judgment, namely the call to Allah with insight. It is a call whose approach is based on communication, commitment to wisdom, taking into account the requirements of the course, good instruction that transmits messages to the hearts and souls not to ears and tongues then arguing and debating with people in the best manner, starting in all this from freedom with no compulsion and the responsibility to bear results, all with gentle speech, moderation in method and humanitarian in major objectives.

Because the call to Allah is a function of the prophets and apostles, it becomes the best of all deeds. How not to be so, and it is a road of guiding people to the right path, saving them from the pitfalls of demons, guiding them to what makes them happy in this world and the hereafter, ordering them to perform what is right and to avoid what is wrong, enlightening them with facts that are absent from them, taking them out of darkness to light, planting the good in the place of evil in their souls and enabling the right in the place of falsehood in their souls. The best of thought, word and deeds is to have faith in Allah and in His messengers and books, to perform sincere call to Him, to do righteous deeds and to manifest Islam.

The pure call to the religion of Allah has pillars, manners and morals. The most important of which is that preachers, as one of their very priorities, state that:

  • The religion of Allah is one, which is the religion of all the prophets, since the father of humans, Adam, who was the first in the prophecy, to the honest Mohamed, who was last of the prophets;
  • Allah sent down religion in order to know and worship Him without a partner; to avoid Juggernaut, whether it is a human, a demon or an idol; to establish justice between His slaves in real life; to plant certainty of resurrection, rebirth and recompense; then charity (perfection) in every statement or action.
  • The messages represented successive doses of guidance to treat deviations and distortions that vary from a village to another and from folk to others; whether ideological like ‘Aad and Thamud, authoritarian like people of Pharaoh, economic like the companions of the thicket or moral like people of Lot.
  • The religion of Allah is a speech to the mind and the heart and a call to normal discernment. Its way is the freedom of choice, with no coercion and its approach is moderation, with neither excess nor negligence.
  • The principles and beliefs, rituals and worship, controls of Halal and Haram and public purposes are constants; while the means and needs are variables.
  • The call (daawa) is not sincere to Allah unless it is based on reporting revelation in its clarity and purity, far from the heritage of fathers, religious affiliation or sectarian alignment;
  • People are equal like teeth of a comb, since they are from Adam and Adam is from dust. No one has any superiority over another except by piety and good action.
  • The call (daawa) to Allah is a door for good that is never shut. The preacher will have rewards equal to that of whoever responds to the call and followed guidance on his/her hands, with detracting nothing from rewards of the respondent.

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