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The prophet Saleh


Messenger to his people Thamoud the companions of the Hijr, he preached and warned them, but they rejected him and challenged him by a miracle believe him, God camel went out to them from deaf rock; They kill it and were about to kill the prophet, torment seized them and Saleh survived with the believers.

His name and lineage: he is Saleh Bin Obaid, or Bin Jaber, from grandsons of Thamoud, one of the seventh generation descendant of Sam son of Noah; he and his people were from the people of twenty first century BC.

His people: Thamoud folks of Saleh, Semitic Arab tribe, carried the name of her grandfather Thamoud, and lived in the Valley of the Hijr, between the Hejaz and Sham and their monuments remain famous northward the Peninsula, known today as the “Madain Saleh.”

Homes: Thamoud lived in Hijr which is a plain fraught with the mountain, they built luxurious palaces in the plain and sculpted luxury houses in the mountain; then fluctuated in Allah’s graces, between fruits, crops, springs and cattle; they did not thank, but they give partners to Allah.

His mission: Saleh was one of the noblest pedigrees of his people, the most lucid and most clement, thus Allah chosen him as a messenger to them, he called them to worship Allah alone and reject idols and images, and reminded them that Allah appointed them as successor after Add Hûd’s people, and warned them of the consequences of infidelity, injustice and corruption in the earth.

His people position: Thamoud become infidels, did not believe Saleh, used for him many kinds of harm and threat, and accused him of witchcraft and lying, he argue them with evidences, and fear them with torment; but they bestowed only disbelief and averse and raised suspicion at his face which raised before them by the people of Noah and the people Hûd.

Challenge: Saleh continued inviting his people to faith, then some oppressed followed him and initiated the ratification of the Faith he sent with, the public feared of the increasing of the followers, they asked the Prophet a miracle as evidence, which is to bring out to them from the deaf rock, milker camel, with its child, to believe and confirm him.!

The miracle: Saleh accepted the challenge, and took on his people covenants and conventions, then he went to intimate discourse and prayed his Lord, and in full view and hearing of everyone, that solid rock split of the camel with all the required qualities, along with its child, thus the miracle became true, then the lucky believed, and the others continued in their disbelief, stubbornness and error.

Camel of Allah: Saleh’s people knows that the mountain would not have a mouse or below, but Allah responded to Saleh and brought out to them a camel from the rock, which they sculpted, and attributed it to him to be honored (camel of Allah) and its child came out with it; it was evidence indicating sincerity of Allah’s prophet Saleh; that those who died might die after a clear Sign and those who lived might live after a clear Sign.

Public snare: Saleh addressed the people about the camel miracle that it will graze where it wants, and it will share water with them day by day, and in all that it will give everyone purely palatable milk to drink. The nine mischief men, are the heads of the people, their chests are filled of rancor, their status shaken and threatened their interests, they concocted plot to eliminate Saleh, his missionary work and the camel miracle; they decided to assassinate him and his family at night, they have agreed on the date of the crime and the place of execution.

The camel’ slaughter: After instigation by the corruption men, and some bad elderly, a naughty from people came out, he was drinking wine till intoxicated, then he unsheathed the murder weapon and jabbed the camel in mortal organ, then it fell down dead, and the young camel escaped toward the rock which cleft it and its mother, then no one saw it.

Torment shock: The prophet Saleh exits angry, admonishes his people, they mock at him, and even they asked him to bring torment rapidly; then he pushed them his last menace, and gave them three days as a deadline, then he and the believers left them. Thus the word of torment inflicted on Thamoud, the dawn of the fourth day, when the sky split a single Mighty Blast, passed on those plains and mountains, in which perished every living thing.

Position of Saleh: He is one of the early messengers, sent to one of the human populations after the flood, he was the second sent after Noah, thus he was celebrated often by the Koran for that reason one Surat of Koran carries the Rocky Tract name (the land of his people) and discusses his story, detailed, or aggregated, in twenty (20) Surat of Kuran.

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