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“He is the spirit of Allah and His word. His mother got pregnant of and bore him without a father. He talked to people in the cradle, brought the dead back to life, healed the blind and the leper and was sent to the Sons of Israel. He was the fourth of those of determination among the messengers and came with the Gospel (Bible,) confirming the Torah. He survived the conspiracy then Allah raised him up (with his body and soul) to Himself and cleansed him.”

 Mary, daughter of Imran: She is a vow of her mother, the woman of Imran. As her mother donated her to serve Allah, it was the prophet Zechariah who took care of her. Every time he entered upon her in the prayer chamber, Zechariah found fruits with her. When he asked her about it, she said that it is from Allah, Who provides for whom He wills with what He wills.

Yahya (John,) son of Zechariah: Zechariah has reached an extreme old age, and his wife was barren. So he asked Allah to give him a successor boy to inherit him, then the angels brought to him tidings of Yahya (John,) a valid, master and chaste prophet. When he asked for a certified sign of the tidings, he was told not to speak to people for three days except by gesture. It was then when the wife of Zechariah became pregnant and Yahya (John) was born to them.

Annunciation of Jesus: Mary received from angels that Allah elected her and made her pure, then received from them the annunciation of Jesus Christ; a pure prophet who was favored with miracles. She wondered about a son to be born without a father to a woman who was untouched by humans! The answer was that it was easy for Who ordered something to be, so it was.

Her pregnancy: Mary accepted what Allah did and withdrew from her family to a place toward the east, to devote herself to Allah and to worship Him. When the angel represented himself to her as a well-proportioned man, she was scared. Then the angel reassured her that he was a messenger of Allah coming to give her a pure boy, who would be a sign for mankind and a mercy from Allah; so she conceived him by a breath of the spirit of Allah.

His birth: When the birth time of the blessed boy came and his mother suffered the pains of delivery at the trunk of a palm tree of Bethlehem, she wished the death, in order to avoid culpability. Then the revelation came to dispel her fear and to distract her attention to a flush brook under her feet and to fresh dates falling through shaking the trunk of the palm tree, so Mary ate, drank, was content with the spirit of Allah and his word and kept silent by His order.

His talking in the cradle: When Mary returned to her family, carrying the miracle, they blamed and charged her. So she kept silent, as being ordered, and pointed to the newborn in his cradle, who clearly defined himself, admitting his slavery to Allah, declaring his prophecy and message, exculpating his mother of what was attributed to her and denying himself of the character of wretched tyrants; before returning to the nature of children.

Upbringing: In Bethlehem, on the outskirts of Jerusalem, Jesus, the son of Mary grew up with signs of righteousness, knowledge, wisdom and piety. His people were conspiring against and complaining from him, fearing of exposing their corruption on his hands. But Allah harbored him and his mother in a hill with water, shade and fruit, where Jesus grew up in tranquility.

His message: As Jesus reached maturity, Allah sent him to the sons of Israel as a prophet and a messenger, after a long period passed over them, so their hearts hardened. He called them to faith in Allah, what was revealed to him and the books in his hands. Showing them admirable miracles, a group of them, known as disciples, believed in and supported him, and another group blasphemed, repudiated and disbelieved.

His annunciation of Ahmed: Jesus, the son of Mary, who was the last prophet of the descendants of Isaac, brought with him annunciation of the concluding message and its owner, the Prophet Ahmed, of the descendants of Ishmael. He stated his name and marked his character; he is Ahmad in the Bible, Mohammed in the Quran and the Written in the Torah. He is who makes lawful the good things, prohibits the evil, relieves the shackles and crushes manacles. He is the call of Abraham, prophecy of Moses and annunciation of Jesus.

His book: Allah revealed the Gospel to Jesus, with guidance, light, and a talk about compassion and humility. Catholics confess four Gospels, the closest of which to the time of Jesus was delayed for almost four centuries (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) and Protestants consider chapters of which were fabricated. As for Muslims, they believe that the Gospel revealed to Jesus was at exposure to distort over time. There are, however, other Gospels not recognized by churches.

His miracles: The biggest miracle of Jesus Christ, the son of Mary is his birth to the Virgin, then his talking in the cradle, healing the blind and the leper, bringing the dead back to life and breathing in clay frames to become alive. He used to inform his people of what they eat and what they store in their houses. Among his notable paranormals was a dining table (with the meal on it), which felt to the disciples from the sky, as well.

The disciples: They are the closest followers of the prophets. The disciples of Jesus, the son of Mary are the elite of his students. They were twelve men, but the Church recognizes only the four of them to whom the Gospels are attributed and the messengers of Jesus to people of villages. It was said that one of people of the meal blasphemed and led the soldiers to Jesus, but Allah made him resemble Jesus. So it was that man who was tortured, killed and crucified; however for Jesus, Allah raised him to Himself.

The meal: Christians refers to it as the “Last Supper”. It was mentioned in the Quran and one of its longest chapters (surah) was named after it. The disciples demanded Jesus to ask his Lord to send down to them a dining table (with the meal on it) from the sky, so Allah sent it down to them, coupled with a threat from Him that whoever disbelieves afterwards, Allah will punish him with a punishment by which He has not punished anyone else. It was told that the one who was made resemble Jesus, killed and crucified on his place was one of them.

Conspiracy: The traditional Jewish rabbis, who were the beneficiaries of the situation, rejected Christ’s call, fearing that it might have an effect on their interests and power; thus they planned a conspiracy to get rid of him, at any price. They made it to the Roman governor as if the word of Allah sought power, so he got mad, massed and collected his soldiers and began a search campaign for Jesus Christ.

His Survival: While he was feeding his disciples from the meal of the sky, Allah’s revelation came to reassure Jesus that He would take him, raise him to Himself and purify him. As he prepared to leave, conspirators arrived, after one of men who ate from the meal sold Jesus for a few dirhams. Then Allah made the co-conspirator resemble Jesus, so the soldiers took him to death, terribly punished him, then killed and crucified him as if he was Jesus Christ.

Who was the crucified?: More credible stories indicate that Judah Iscariot, whom Allah made resemble Jesus, was killed and crucified in his place. Jesus Christ mourned himself on the table, talking about departure of the shepherd and scattered sheep and adding that one of his disciples would disbelieve in him, sell him for a few dirhams and eat his price. Then Allah raised Jesus to Himself and made the co-conspirator resemble him, so they took and crucified him, while shouting: “I’m not him! I’m the one who led you to him.”

His raise and his return: Muslims and Christians agree that Allah raised Jesus to Himself and that he will return to Earth; yet they differ in the remaining details. Muslims believe that Allah cleansed Jesus and raised him alive to Himself and that his return will be among the signs of the doomsday. However, the doctrine of churches in raising and returning of Jesus Christ is based on the illusion of crucifixion and burial, then coming back from the grave.

His innocence of triangulation: All Christ’s message, like other messages from Allah, is dedicated to planting monotheism in the soul and warning of polytheism. Jesus has denied, at hands of his Lord, the triangulation, as explicitly said in Quran that Allah neither begets nor is born. The doctrine of triangulation was not part of the religion of Jesus Christ. Rather, it was imposed by Romans and pagans in the complex of “Nicaea”, more than three centuries after Jesus Christ.

His status: People of monotheistic religions did not differ about any prophet the way they did about Jesus, the son of Mary. While Jews accused his mother, the truthful woman with adultery and considered him a strange thing, Christians overstated him, considering him a god, a third of a god or the son of God. In Islam, however, he is a slave to Allah, His Messenger and one of those of determination among His messengers. His mother, Mary, is a truthful woman. Having faith in his prophecy is a duty and disbelieving of him or any other messenger leads to outside of Islam.

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