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Prophet Hud: He is the first messenger after Noah’s Flood. He called his people, ‘Aad to Allah. They were in the desert of Al-Ahqaf was pardoned and worshiped idols in the “Iram.” He reminded them of Allah’s blessing and warned them of His punishment and torment, but they denied their messenger. So, they were destroyed by the screaming wind and Hud and those who believed with him survived, and warned them of what happened to the people of Noah before them.

After The Deluge: Those who survived with Noah, among people of The Ship, started rebuilding the earth, after it swallowed water. As years passed and generations came after generations, people began to leave the true religion, little by little, and polytheism and idolatry prevailed. So, the earth complained humans’ disbelieve again.

The tribe of ‘Aad: The Arab tribe of ‘Aad is affiliated to its father, ‘Aad bin Awss bin Iram bin Sam bin Noah. It succeeded the people of Noah and represented the main center of power in the land after the flood. Allah tested them through endowing them with perfect health bodies and wellness in lives, money and offspring. Yet, they became arrogant and tyrants then associated others with Allah.

Al-Ahqaf and “Iram”: The tribe’s housing was in Al-Ahqaf, sandy hills interspersed with valleys, brooks, water eyes, gardens, farms and orchards. They have constructed the marvelous city of Iram, which people had never seen anything like before, back then.

Hud’s lineage: He is Hud bin Rabah bin ‘Aad bin Awss bin Sam bin Noah, of the sixth generation of Noah’s descendants. Some historians count Abdullah, Aljalud and Iram among his fathers, making him of the ninth generation after Noah.

His prophecy and message: Allah has chosen him to be a prophet and sent him as a messenger to his people, who used to take idols as deities. Bringing with him the message of unification, Hud reminded them of Allah’s blessing, promised them of His awards, alerted them of His punishment and warned them of what happened to the people of Noah before them.

‘Aad’s position: His people accused him of madness and recklessness, severely spoke with him and claimed that some of their idols have possessed him with evil. He used to declare that he was free from whatever they associated with Allah, continued to call them to and remind them of Allah. However, it only increased their disbelief of Allah and devotion to idols.

 The punishment of Allah: Allah had prevented ‘Aad from rain, so the ground dried up and the planting and cattle died, but they continued their stubbornness and turned to their idols. One morning, the sky filled up with clouds above their resorts and orchards, so they rejoiced and went out to welcome it. But it was a wind accompanied by scary sounds that began to destroy everything in its path, throwing people, trees, rocks, sand, palaces and everything in the air. It lasted seven (7) nights and eight (8) days, leaving no life, stone or tree.

Survival of Hud and believers: Allah commanded the Prophet Hud and those who believed with him to enter a blessed cave He prepared for them; so they did not suffer any harm and came out unharmed and with no damage, after the destruction of the unbelievers. Hud and those who believed with him lived in the areas they moved to in Hadramout, worshiping Allah and calling to good. So they became the origins of Alemnip Arabs.

His death and his grave: Neither the time of the Prophet Hud’s death nor the place of his grave is known for sure. However, it is said, among other sayings, that the tomb of Hud is in a mosque, which is visited by a lot of people, in an abandoned village in Hadramout, Yemen.

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