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The tribe Aad was the most important human populations , after the flood.

He lived in the desert called Ahqaf , and established the city called ” Iram which has the Pillars ” that is unmatched in the earth. But such tribe preferred disbelief and arrogance and denied largess that God provided. It overwhelmed and overtaken all norms and worshiped idols instead of God. God has sent to them Prophet Hood, one of them who called them to worship Allah alone and to banish idols and pagan practices, remembered the affluent wealth given to them by God. They denied his message then God exterminated them by the stormy wind and saved Hood with all believers.

After the flood : after earth swallowed the water of the flood , that flooded disbelievers from people of Noah. The believers saved with Noah from the flooded rebuild earth again, they were all believers. After years pass successive , and successive generations after generations and parents who was saved with Noah perished, then their offspring from children and grandchildren commemorated them their memory , but when the descendants came , they made statues to venerate ancestors. After the long –term, people deviated from the worship of God alone, and turn its back on Noah ‘s teachings and commandments. The began to worship idols, then earth returned to complain to his Lord human disbelief again.

Aad, people of Hood: the Arab tribe of Aad which belonged to the offspring of Sam, son of Noah was established in the south of the Arabian Peninsula, where he represented one of the largest centers of power and tyranny and arrogance in the land, at the after the flood period. The tribe is from descendants of their father Aaad son of Awass son of Iram, who was a polytheist worshipping the moon. Some of his offspring, after him, worshiped multiple idols. They have built three temples for three idols made by them. The names of their three idols were: Soumoud , Sadaa and Heba.. God has tested them by a lot of health in their bodies, and wellness in themselves and wealth and offspring.

God gave them more and more largesse and goodness and huge and strong bodies. It was told that one of them was a seventy cubits, as tall. Such strongest bodies facilitated for them the life tasks, on land and sea, so much that they wondered who is more powerful than us? And they were scornful of the world around them. That has a great impact on in their terrorism against other tribal groupings

Ahqaf and Iram The tribe Aad lived at Hahqaf place, the sandy and fertile hills with the valleys and water sources ,in which gardens and orchards and agriculture grow highly . Among those Ahqaf, Aad tribe installed a villagers grouping that earth did not known before , called “Iram.”

Most of the historical views supported by some of the statements and the excavations and satellite modern maps, said that Iram (toss) was a great city built with pillars and ladders and animated palaces. It seems that this people have good skills and excellent ability in sculpture and construction. They built factories for construction, making marvelous and unprecedented monuments and buildings. Even so, the other ancient views told that Iram was marvelous and large tents supported by strong and huge and terrible pillars, with high height, as never known in the history.

Dkhama unique high-spacious, based on the pillars of a huge and Imad terrible, did not know her history ever seen.

Lineage of Hood: Houd was born in Iram, the capital of Ahqaf . He was from a honorable family of Aad tribe. He was a gentleman in his people. There is many opinions on the names of his parents and grandparents. The most famous said that he is Hood son of Abdullah son of Rabah son of Eljelood son of Aad son of Awass son of Iram son of Sam son of Noah. He is from the ninth generation after Noah , or he is the son Rabah son of Aad son of Awass son of Sam son of Noah , sixth-generation descendants of Noah.

His prophecy and his message : God has chosen Hooda as a prophet and sent him a messenger to his people Aad , carrying the monotheism, message of all the prophets, which contains the call to worship Allah alone without any partner, and the rejection of idols and statues . He reminded them of the God largess that He gives to them, by making them survived successors after Noah people and giving them wealth and so much of power through marvelous and strong bodies and bestowed upon them a visible grace and subtle largesse, as he preached them indicating the reward of thankful people and warned them of the punishment of the unbelievers and ungrateful . He warned them of similar punishment that touched the unbelievers among Noah people before them. He expose , at the first moment , the lie and quackery of anyone who makes partners with God, like the rest of the messenger, who didn’t never have any complaisance, in clarifying the religion of Allah , not fearing anyone except God.

Position of Aad: Aad accused their brother Hood, the Messenger of Allah, of ,madness and recklessness and foolishness and lying. They pronounced hard speech against him and claimed that some of their idols have dramatically touched him because his banning of them. So the servants of the temples of the idols used to sell religion for the infidels. The servants received payment to promote their misguidance, for that Hood declared first he was not looking for any reward except from God only. They rejected him, asking for arguments.

So despair did not have way to himself. He still calling them and remembering them that he is the Messenger of God to them, to guide them and save them from the wrath of God.
He asked them to use their minds in reflecting about universe around them, before them and after them, who is lifting the sky without any support and who creates the sun and the moon, and humans and animals. He reminded them of the Hereafter and the Resurrection, retribution and torment, but they were not dissuaded from their disbelief, even they passed over in their denying.

God’s punishment: God has deprived people of Hood of the rain. Drought gained their land and implant and sheep and cattle, died. Hood worked hardly to convince them that only faith in God who will save them. But they continued in their stubbornness, and turned to their idols asking them rain.
On the day of jinx and torment, the sky has clouded over almost entirely, the day has darkened. The clouds were moving in the direction of their pastures and gardens. They were so happy thinking that such rain will end their endurance caused by drought. They went out to receive it, but it was not a rain, it was windstorm with painful torment that destroy everything. They were taken by curse. The wind intensified, accompanied by scary voices that anyone never heard and began to destroy everything in its path, persons, trees, houses, rocks, palaces. The windstorm still hitting them during eight full days, without letting any sign of life, only scattered corpses, like the trunks of empty palm trees.

Surviving of believers : The Prophet Hood and believers with him, were instructed by God to enter the blessed cave prepared for them. Then they didn’t suffer from any harm. After, destruction of the unbelievers, because of their stubbornness and their arrogance, Prophet Hood, with believers moved into Hadramout, to live there and worship God alone and call to good, where they became, according to some historians opinion, the origin of the Arabs called Qahtaniyah.

His death and his tomb : the exact date of his death is not known, like most of the prophets. Meanwhile some locations are indicated as tomb of Prophet Hood , whose most famous is a mosque in an abandoned village at Hadramout ,in Yemen , where a lot of people come and visit there for that. Also others said that there is rock at the west side of a mosque, in Damascus, where public believes that the Hood climbed there to call people.
There is also an other place in the south side of the mosque, in Damascus known as tomb of the Prophet Hood, while other said that he is was buried in the Valley of Peace at Najaf, in Iraq.

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